Tree Felling & Tree Removal Service covering London, Surrey & Kent

Tree Felling Service

Tree Felling is the removal of a tree by carefully removing it in sections. This will see the tree reduced to a stump.

Tree Removal Service

Tree Removal is the complete removal of a tree as well as the tree stump.

Our Tree Felling & Tree Removal Service

The Tree Fellers are a group of highly trained and experienced tree surgeons based in South London.

Our arborists have extensive knowledge of removing trees and are fully equipped, to include machinery, for all types of tree surgeon works including tree removals.

Our tree surgeons are able to fell trees of all sizes and in any location. We are able to navigate through the tightest of spaces while keeping noise and disruption to a minimum. No matter where your tree might be located, undoubtedly we will be able to assist you.

Seeking Permission to Fell a Tree

It is an offence to fell trees without a licence, where one would have been required.

Luckily there are still a few exceptions that can apply, but in most circumstances a felling licence will be required. 

Examples of where a felling license is not required are: Felling trees in gardens, churchyards or a public open space. Fellling trees with a diameter less than 8cm at a height of 1.3m on the main stem. Felling trees to prevent the spread of a quarantine pest or disease, as required under a Statutory Plant Health Notice up to 5 cubic metres of timber may be felled each calendar quarter without a felling licence.

Different Processes of Removal a Tree

Sectional Tree Felling: Is the process of dismantling the tree in manageable sections whilst utilising lowering ropes and slings.

Sectional tree felling is highly dangerous, only highly skilled tree surgeons should complete such tree work. Sectional felling can cause serious harm to life and huge expense to property.

We'll complete a sectional tree felling when our tree surgeons have limited space to work. Due to the lack of space available we would lower down sections of the tree piece by piece to maintain health and safety standard.

Our expert tree surgeons begin by cutting off all branches and lowering large limbs from the crown using lowering ropes. The trunk will likewise be removed in sections and dropped to a preset, safe landing area.

Our expert tree surgeons are highly trained and extremely experienced in navigating through tight spaces. We use the

latest rigging techniques to safely complete all sectional tree fells we complete.

Straight Tree Felling: Straight felling means that our tree surgeons will cut the tree from the base allowing the tree to be felled in a very controlled manner - a face-notch is cut out from the base of the tree's trunk along with a back cut through to the hinge. We always use ropes and slings to assist the fall and may also use wedges to ensure the tree does not fall the opposite way.

In order to complete a straight tree felling safely we either require the tree to be small enough or require enough space for larger trees to lean and fall to the ground.

In London, it is often not possible to fell larger trees as considerable space is required. A quick inspection of the tree and potential landing zone will identify our capabilities.


How to Fell a Tree



Whenever using a chainsaw, preparation is key. You cannot plan enough! Careful consideration of the forestry equipment always means a safer fell and typically less post-felling work. Deploying warning signs or the correct chainsaw size are examples of good preparation. 



Carefully study the tree to determine the correct felling direction. Considering questions such as how do the branches grow and how do they look? What about the wind direction. Always clear the dfelling direction area around the tree. You also should clear get-away areas around the tree in case the fell does not go to plan and you need a fast exit.



Next - make sure you have enough fuel in your chainsaw to get through the whole fell in one. Once done, prune the trunk to get rid of all the branches and twigs that might get in the way when sawing the felling cut. The safest way to prune is to work with a pulling chain (underside of the guide bar) from the top down. 



Now that you have cleared an area on the trunk that is twig free, now we commence with the felling cut. Always be aware of two important notes: The hinge need a uniform thickness with the correct dimensions . The felling wedge/breaking bar must also be in place prior to the tree pinching at the guide bar. You vary your technique based on the tree's size, slope, and on the size of your chainsaw (always be prepared and bring the right equipment at the start!).



Caution now needs to be applied as if you  notice that the timber is discoloured and soft or if the lower part of the trunk looks swollen or diseased, you need to be very careful. The tree has just highlighted to us that the tree is infested with rot which means that the wood fibres are weakened. If you find your tree diseased you must fell in the tree’s natural direction, using a winch if unsure. Rot infestation typically subsides higher up in a tree, you might be choose to be extra cautious an fell with high stump.



Using the right tool is essential. When felling a tree there are several tools to choose from. The size of the tree determines which type of forestry equipment you need. For the small trees, hand force is typically enough. Felling wedges provide greater felling force than the different types of breaking bar. The safest and most powerful way to fell a tree is to use ropes and a winch. Each tree is different, every tree requires planning!


No Obligation Free Quotations

We provide a free, no-obligation quotation for every job and we monitor all our competitors to ensure you cannot get better value elsewhere.

Highly Trained, Expert Tree Surgeons

Specially trained, highly experienced climbers and tree surgeons. All are trained to work sensitively with the environment and operate under excellent environment and quality management guidelines. Our skilled arborists have years of experience caring for trees of all shapes and sizes.

Fully Insured

We are fully insured and qualified to NPTC standards in all aspects of tree work. All work we do is carried out to the highest standard with the least inconvenience possible.

Complete Range of Tree Services

From your first consultation we tailor our service to meet your exact requirements and we remove waste timber and foliage for the perfect finish.

Residential & Commercial Experts 

Our highly-qualified, expert tree surgery team can tackle any job, from small-scale domestic tree work to tree management on large commercial or development sites.

Outstanding Levels of Customer Service

The Tree Fellers are trusted and professional tree surgeons. We have developed an excellent reputation for providing quality, safe and cost effective tree surgery for both domestic & commercial customers.


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