Stump Removal & Tree Stump Grinding Service covering London, Surrey & Kent

Stump Removal is Usually Carried Out For One of The Following Reasons:

Tree or Hedge Removal

To Allow for Replanting

To Allow for

To Allow for a
Fence Erection

For Aesthetical  Reasons.

Health and Safety Reasons.

Is It Best to Grind
or Remove a Tree Stump?

The Pros



  • No giant hole in the ground
  • Completed in minimal time
  • No heavy machinery needed
  • Fairly easy to accomplish

The Cons



  • Might grow back 
  • May become a safety hazard
  • Might disease other plants
  • No multi-purpose hole in the ground

The Pros



  • Replant or lawn over
  • No chance of regrowth
  • Looks neat and organised
  • Prevents all disease and fungal growth 

The Cons



  • Not particularly eco-friendly
  • Labour-intensive work
  • What is replacing the stump?
  • Hazardous for young children

Our Tree Stump Removal & Stump Grinding Service

Tree Stump Grinding & Removal London & Surrey

Trees are felled for a variety of different reasons, mainly due to disease of some sort. Tree cutting is a highly dangerous job and it is recommended that you seek professional help from the outset.

Once a tree has been safely disassembled and removed there leaves the question as to what to do with the tree's stump, its unsightly and takes up too much room let alone could be damaging to the remainder of your garden.

Removing the stump is typically the best course of action especially when considering the benefits of choosing to have the stump removed.

Prevent Regrowth – if you allow the stump to remain as is, you may be facing a fully grown revenant sapling within as little as a few weeks.

Improve Garden Health – roots below the ground may still be in good health and trying to jumpstart the tree’s survival protocol. This will be sapping the nutrients from your soil and affecting the health of other plants and trees. A dead stump can attract termites and disease.

Safety Considerations – a stump can be dangerous to children, pets and even full grown adults in perfect physical condition. Stump removal may also prevent you from hitting the remains of the tree with your lawn mower.

Improves the Look of the Garden – you will find that removing the stump completely greatly improves the aesthetics of the garden.

Contacting our experienced arborist team with help you make an informed decision on how to best deal with your tree stump.

Beware of hiring your own stump grinder, doing so represents a significant health hazard if you are not 100% sure how to use the machinery safely. Furthermore, can you be sure you have removed/ground the stump correctly?

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