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Tree Pruning Surbiton

Tree Pruning Surbiton

In order to keep your Surbiton tree in a safe and healthy condition tree pruning is necessary maintenance.

To keep a tree healthy we'll remove any dead branches which will help encourage growth, will regulate size, help to keep the shape maintained and will also increase the quality of the timber, as well as flower and fruit 

When we prune a tree in Surbiton we are selective in which plant parts (branches) we remove. We could be pruning your Surbiton tree for a number of reasons: to remove deadwood, to improve the tree's health, for health and safety reasons or to control the growth direction.

Our experienced Surbiton tree surgeons will select the correct pruning method for dead, non productive or structurally unsound tissue. 

Tree pruning within Surbiton is a highly dangerous job that requires a great amount of skill and knowledge, contact our friendly team for a quotation.

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Crown Reduction Surbiton

Crown Reduction Surbiton

Our tree surgeons may recommend a Crown Reduction if we are looking to reduce your Surbiton tree's height and spread. 

By completing a Crown Reduction, we reduce the stress on your Surbiton tree's limbs. We also complete Crown Reductions when we want to integrate a tree into a specific environment. Our residential customers typically call us for a Crown Reduction in order to reduce the amount of shade in their Surbiton garden. 

A crown reduction will result in a smaller tree. Cuts are kept small, usually less than 100mm in diameter. Not all trees will take to a Crown Reduction. Call our friendly team for any further information you may need.

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Crown Thinning Surbiton

Crown Thinning Surbiton

Crown Thinning your Surbiton tree will improve the light flow through your tree's foliage. Our Surbiton Tree Surgeons may also recommend a Crown Thinning as a way of reducing your tree's weight or wind resistance.

When our tree surgeons complete Crown Thinning in Surbiton they remove the smaller tertiary branches in portions, addressing the point of the outer crown to create a more uniform foliage density which will be more consistent and an even branch structure. We systematically remove material but never in excess of 30%.

Crown thinning does not change the overall tree size or shape. 

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Crown Lifting Surbiton

Crown Lifting Surbiton

Crown lifting is removal of lower branches or to Crown Lift can also be the preparation of tree limbs in readiness for future removal.

When you instruct crown lifting on a Surbiton garden, all trees lifted will see light transmission improved to adjacent areas beneath the tree. 

Crown Lifting on Surbiton trees typically will not see more than 15% of the crown height removed in order to keep at least 2/3rd's total tree height.

For more information or to book an appointment for Crown Lifting, contact our friendly team.

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Tree Pollarding Surbiton

Tree Pollarding Surbiton

Tree Pollarding is the method of pruning a tree smaller than the tree would naturally grow.

When we are Tree Pollarding we are pruning a tree to a smaller size than the tree would naturally grow. Tree Pollarding on Surbiton trees is carried out when the tree is dormant, during the spring or winter months.

Our Surbiton tree surgeons when tree pollarding will remove the upper branches of the tree in order to promote the growth of a dense head of branches and, eventually, dense foliage. The expert arborists will also remove and crossing and lower limbs.

We recommend that when tree pollarding that you are consistent. We ideally would pollard Surbiton trees every two years.

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Tree Felling, Cutting & Removal Surbiton

Tree Felling, Cutting & Removal Surbiton

We specialise in Tree Felling, Cutting and Removal across Surbiton. 

Tree felling is the process of cutting down individual trees. Our tree surgeons will inspect your Surbiton tree and access the best solution to safely dismantle and fell your tree. There are a number of ways that our knowledgeable Surbiton based tree surgeons might tackle a tree felling, one of which is sectional felling. 

Each tree that we remove in Surbiton equally respected. Tree felling, cutting and removal is extremely dangerous and requires careful consideration from a number of 'angles'. We may fell your tree by cutting it into sections or via the more traditional way of felling.

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Tree Stump Grinding & Removal Surbiton

Stump Grinding & Tree Stump Removal Surbiton

Have a tree stump in your Surbiton garden? Need the stump removed or grinded? Not sure which service you need?

When our tree surgeons stump grind a tree stump they extract not just the stump but all the roots as well. These roots spread right across your garden and so, be warned, when the stump is pulled out, it will leave a hole in the ground that will require filling. We mostly are instructed on Stump Removals on residential properties, where the owner is typical landscaping their Surbiton garden.

Stump Grinding is the process of removing everything except some roots, these will mostly die away with plenty of time. By Stump Grinding you are basically shaving away the remaining tree trunk until its gone.

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